One of the beauties of the area not to be missed during your holidays in Tuscany, are certainly the Medieval Villages. To visit some it takes just a few minutes, for others a full day would not be enough, but each of these villages will leave you with an indelible memory.
You will be catapulted into an ancient time, which smells of history and tradition, you will be immersed in a romantic and evocative context, you will admire panoramas that range from the hills to the sea, you will discover new tastes and you will find ancient crafts done with love and passion in the artisan shops.
The Tuscan Villages, many of which are recognized as the most beautiful in Italy, will conquer you with their rough but romantic appearance, with their flowered balconies and alleys in dim light, and more than an excursion you will live an intense experience that will leave the sign and that will make your holidays in Tuscany unforgettable.

Campiglia Marittima


Massa Marittima




Castagneto Carducci