Cavallinio Matto

Family holidays Outside of Village

Here the reason to choose Tuscany for your holidays with children!
These and many other attractions await you on the Etruscan Coast, many opportunities for your children to grow, learn and have fun with their family and above all many beautiful memories that will be carried in their hearts!
Parco acquatico Toscana
Parco Gallorose

Acqua Village

From June to September, don’t miss the opportunity to spend a day at the Acqua Village in Follonica or Cecina, two historic water parks on the Etruscan Coast and a valid alternative to the sea, to have fun with your children! Reachable in a few minutes by car from the Orizzonte Village, the Follonica Water Village extends for thousands of square meters and is built on a hawaii theme, offering hundreds of meters of slides, children’s pools, over 900 square meters of pools with whirlpools and waves, many refreshment points, umbrellas, deck chairs, sun beds and green islands to spend the day in total relaxation and fun.

Parco Gallorose

If you want to combine fun and learning, spend a day at the Gallorose Park in Cecina. 3 km route with over 120 farm animal species from all over the world.

In addition to the animals, as the park is also a farm, inside you will also find museums about agricultural tools from the 1950s, photos and historical posters, a fun and interesting way for children, and not only, to learn about old trades and some curiosity about our history.

During your day with animals and curiosities, stop at the Agriristoro, the restaurant inside the park, to taste the typical Tuscan cuisine with zero km products.

Parco avventura Toscana
Parco divertimenti Toscana

Giardino Sospeso

Do your children love adventure? Nothing is more appropriate than the Hanging Garden to leave them speechless! An adventure park surrounded by ancient oaks on the hills of Riparbella, with acrobatic passages through the trees, fun and safe.
Depending on the age of the children, the park instructors will show you the most suitable route for them to have fun with exercises and obstacles suitable not only for their age but also for their height.
In addition to the trails within the Adventure Park, children can participate in other activities such as the Tent with the instinctive bow or the walk with the gnomes in the magical forest.
Inside the park you can also take advantage of the free area with barbecue for tasty lunches in the open air inside the forest.
A day certainly different from the usual, in the name of adventure, sport and fun … your kids will be thrilled. The Hanging Garden is about an hour’s drive from the Orizzonte Village.

Cavallino Matto

Immersed in the pinewood of Marina di Castagneto Carducci, about 30 minutes drive away from Orizzonte village, you reach Cavallino Matto, the largest and greenest amusement park in Tuscany.

Thirty different attractions, suitable for children of all ages, roller coasters, canoes, themed shows and the Jurassik River that will catapult you into the Jurassic jungle surrounded by life-size dinosaurs.

Inside the park you will find several dining options, a shop and a free picnic area for outdoor dining.

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