Piombino piazza Bovio

A seaside city…

and an unexpected beautiful historic center

Piombino hides a treasure that only those who go beyond the first appearance can discover.
Known as the city of steelworks, Piombino is perhaps one of the most characteristic towns of the Tuscan coast, washed by a clear and clean sea.
It is enough to enter the historic center to understand that it was worth it.
What makes Piombino one of the most particular and beautiful towns to visit is that nothing is created specifically for the tourist, you don’t have the feeling of being on a postcard, but it’s all “naturally” beautiful.
Il Rivellino a Piombino
Porticciolo di Piombino
Palazzo comunale di Piombino
There are no neatly trimmed window sills, but clothes hung out to dry on the wires that connect the windows of the alleys in dim light; there are no restaurants with the word “welcome”, but authentic restaurants, where you can taste the real tastes of Tuscany and where the taste and smell of fresh fish prevails.
In Piombino you don’t feel like at home, here you are at home.
It can be perceived walking through the streets of the center, up to the town hall and the bell tower, up to Viale del Popolo, from where you can admire a breathtaking landscape.
What about Piazza Bovio? The only square in Europe that is surrounded on three sides by the sea, a promontory that gently stretches towards the Island of Elba, so close that in the clearest days it almost seems to touch it.

Set aside any ideas you had made, let yourself be guided by your eyes and your heart and experience a unique experience in the city of Piombino.

Vacanze a Piombino
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