A village with ancient history

and wonderful views over the Gulf of Baratti

Spectacular fortress and unmissable stop on your journey to the Etruscan Coast, the village of Populonia stands on one of the promontories that form the Gulf of Baratti, as beautiful and majestic as we once thought it was.
An ancient settlement and the only Etruscan town built on the coast, Populonia is worth a visit just for the spectacular view that can be enjoyed from the fortress: the entire Gulf of Baratti in all its splendor. From the top, in fact, it is possible to see clearly the characteristic horseshoe shape of the gulf and the dark and brilliant sand that frames it, testimony to the ancient mining activities that the ancient Etruscans practiced in this area.
Vista dal Castello Populonia
Borgo di Populonia
Necropoli Etrusca di Populonia
The road to reach the village that crosses the pine forest is splendid, with the characteristic “pratone” of Baratti, a popular destination in every season for tourists and locals who want to spend relaxing and fun days in the open air, in one of the most beautiful scenery of the Val di Cornia. Some of the city necropolises, perfectly visible along the road before reaching the village, can now be visited in the archaeological park of Baratti and Populonia, along with the remains of the industrial district at the port.
At the present inhabited center the remains of the ancient city are still visible, with the Etruscan walls remained almost intact and the remains of buildings from the Roman era.
Today the Borgo is full of shops, craft shops and characteristic and welcoming restaurants where you can taste the typical dishes of the area and the traditional Tuscan cuisine.
Golfo di Baratti
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