A village awarded for its beauty

on the Etruscan coast

The village of Suvereto is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and characteristic of the Etruscan Coast, a member of the association “The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy”, it was also awarded the Orange Flag for the excellence of its offer and hospitality.
In addition to its beauty, Suvereto is known for its typical products, in particular oil and wine, and it is no coincidence that it is also part of the “Città del vino” association.
Nestled in a beautiful natural setting not far from one of the most beautiful and clear seas of the Tuscan coast and surrounded by fields of ancient olive trees and beautiful vineyards, Suvereto is definitely a destination to include in your Tour of the Tuscan Villages. During your walk in the village you have to spent a few minutes of your time to visit the characteristic former Convent of San Francesco; in a dominant position over the Borgo you can also admire the Rocca Aldobrandesca.
Palazzo Comunale Suvereto
Vista di Suvereto
Rocca di Suvereto
If you love uncontaminated nature, a short distance from the Borgo is the Montioni Natural Park, one of the Val di Cornia Parks, characterized by a very rich fauna, a typical Mediterranean flora and monuments of the Napoleonic era, recently renovated.
To truly appreciate a place, understand its essence and history, it is also important to know its traditions.
Among the many popular events, one of the highlights of Borgo di Suvereto’s life is the Boar Festival, which takes place every year on the weekends around December 8th and which for almost 50 years has been one of the most anticipated events by the locals and by tourists.
In addition to the Boar Festival, a characteristic festival of the village is the Palio delle Botti, which takes place twice a year: in May in conjunction with the patron saints (Palio di Santa Croce) and 13 August (Palio of the emperors).
Parties aside, every moment is the right one to discover the beauties of this pearl of Tuscany that halfway between the hills and the sea offers unique views, tastes and flavors.
Chiostro a Suvereto
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