Castagneto Carducci

A picturesque village overlooking the sea

winding alleys and breathtaking panoramas

Born as Castagneto Marittimo and became Castagneto Carducci in 1907 in honor of the famous poet who spent his childhood in these lands, the Borgo is absolutely one of the stops to include in our travelogue during your holidays in Tuscany.
Immersed in the Livornese Maremma, in the heart of the Etruscan Coast, unlike other Tuscan villages in the area, Castagneto is more like a town, certainly larger and with a decidedly greater number of inhabitants than for example the near Bolgheri, with which it is connected by the marvelous Bolgheri road that offers unique sceneries, slipping between vineyards and cultivated fields.
Borgo Castagneto Carducci
Vicoli a Castagneto Carducci
Parco a Castagneto Carducci
In Castagneto you will have the chance to walk through the streets of the village and see antique shops with typical products, restaurants, panoramic squares and wine bars where you can taste the symbolic product of this area: Bolgheri DOC wines.
Reach one of the panoramic points of the village, close your eyes for a few seconds and then open them again: a natural spectacle will open up before you, an infinite joy as well as for the eyes, even for the heart and mind, which is purified in these silent places.
Thanks to its position between the hills and the sea, from the village of Castagneto Carducci the gaze is lost on the horizon, up to the coast, through vineyards, olive groves and fragrant fields that have made this land one of the most beautiful and loved by both locals than by the tourists who discover here one of the many souls of the Maremma, the sweetest and most refined ones.
Vacanze a Castagneto Carducci
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