Enogastronomia Toscana

Food and wine in Tuscany

A journey through flavors and taste

If you are a lover of Tuscan food and wine, during your vacation, you cannot give up a visit to the many wineries of the Costa degli Etruschi wine route.

Among the many regions destination of food and wine tourism, Tuscany is certainly a favorite of both Italians and foreigners: Tuscan food and wine with its unmistakable taste-based on poor earth products recipes, is one of the most loved in the world.

Here, then, the doors of the cellars and the vineyards open up to tourists, telling stories and traditions, and reviving the small Tuscan villages. Take the opportunity to visit the medieval villages such as Suvereto, Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci which, in addition to offering unique views, will allow you to discover some of the most famous wines in Italy to combine with typical local products such as salami, cheeses and bruschetta, with bread strictly without salt and lots of garlic!

Strada del Vino Costa degli Etruschi

Food and good wine

When you think about the Tuscan food and wine, old recipes like ribollita, panzanella, pappa al pomodoro, spelled soup and small beans … come to mind … poor recipes with intense flavors.
But how can you not combine these delights with a good wine? Here you are satisfied, Tuscany is one of the regions where excellent wines are produced.
In particular, it is on the Costa degli Etruschi wine road where one of the best wine in Italy, Sassicaia, is produced, as well as other internationally renowned wines such as the Ornellaia, the Guado al Tasso, Le Macchiole, Grattamacco and Michele Satta.
Visiting the wineries of the Costa degli Etruschi Wine Route you will find red wines with a unique character and personality, fresh whites and fragrant raisins.
Spend a day visiting the territories where these wines are born and experiment the pairings with the typical products of the Tuscan tradition. It will be a beautiful and interesting experience to live and share with loved ones and it will remain a sweet memory of your holiday in Tuscany.

Degustazione in Toscana
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