Campiglia Marittima

A village of the upper Maremma

on top of the hills, ancient alleys

Perched on a hill from where you can admire one of the most beautiful views of the Etruscan Coast, the village of Campiglia Marittima is one of the pearls of the territory.
Surrounded by the green and luxuriant Maremma countryside, from which it takes the name of Marittima, one of the main characteristics of the village and the surrounding area are surely the mineral deposits.
Vicoli a Campiglia Marittima
Rocca di Campiglia Marittima
Forni fusori Campiglia Marittima
Proof of this is the Archeomineario Park of San Silvestro which is located on its slopes and which is part of the Val di Cornia Parks circuit, a destination that will surely appeal to children who will learn so many new things while having fun.
Another milestone to mark on your travel diary are the melting furnaces and the mining wells that the ancient Etruscans used in search of metals.
During your excursion do not forget to visit the Fortress that dominates Campiglia from above and the access gates to the walls. Before leaving the village, treat yourself to a refreshing break to taste the Schiaccia Campigliese, the typical product of the country to taste with white wine or with the sweet wine “vin santo”!
Vista di Campiglia Marittima
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