An enchanted village surrounded by forests

with a near natural thermal spa

A small and characteristic village of the Val di Cornia, with just over 400 inhabitants, Sassetta is certainly one of the Tuscan beauties to visit during your holidays.
It presents itself with a harsh and rough appearance, clinging to a rock, but one immediately perceives the sweet soul of this country surrounded by the woods inhabited by lumberjacks, woodsmen and hunters, strong men with a tender heart.
Lovers of wild land and unspoiled landscapes will remain speechless, fascinating from a village of other times, without too many frills, as real as the intense aromas that come from the surrounding countryside.
Borgo di Sassetta
Vicoli di Sassetta
Sassetta in Toscana
The beauty of the place is also due to the context in which it is inserted: try the magical experience of walking or riding, of making mushrooms and chestnuts in the Forest Park of Poggio Neri, where in the shade of oaks and chestnut trees you will find trekking and biking paths with picnic areas … ideal for those who like to organize outdoor activities.
Inside the park you will also have the opportunity to walk the Via del Carbone, testimony to the ancient craft of charcoal burners.
For several years now the name of Sassetta has also been linked to thermal tourism, thanks to the hot water springs that flow at about 50 degrees and that feed the “Cerreta” spa, immersed in the woods and an ideal place for moments of well-being and relaxation.
Visitare Sassetta
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