vacanza yoga toscana

Yoga holiday in Tuscany


Excercises for muscles and joints, simple balanceposes, Sun Salutation and stretching – always with the rhythm of your breath.
Start your day in harmony with yourself and the nature.
With yoga teacher Sonia Borselli
Tuesday and Friday at 8.30 am in the „Capannina“ (Miniclub hut next to the playground).
Yoga and meditation are two activities from many different origins but with a common goal: to raise the relationship we have with ourselves and the environment around us in order to reach a state of peace of mind. Yoga and meditation techniques therefore represent an exceptional source of physical and mental well-being, capable of relaxing the body and at the same time reinforcing it.

In this regard, the Etruscan Coast is a decidedly suitable location for practicing yoga and meditation at the sea, for example during a Tuscan yoga holiday in close contact with the nature of the Maremma. The splendid Maremma landscapes present many green areas that marry magnificently with the realization of relaxing and breathing exercises, constituting the perfect frame in which to experience the advantages of physical and meditative yoga techniques.

vacanza yoga natura
It is no coincidence that a growing number of yoga enthusiasts from all over Italy choose to enjoy a Tuscan yoga holiday in the verdant nature of the Etruscan Coast, a place to get in touch with a lush and very intimate environment, no doubt ideal for an enchanting escape from stress and the frenzy of everyday life.

During a Tuscan yoga holiday in the Livorno Maremma you will have the opportunity to spend moments of relaxation and meditation. For this reason, several centers organize open air yoga and meditation sessions, combining them with regenerating excursions to discover the Etruscan Coast. The lessons that can be lived can be both private and group; in both cases, relaxation techniques are aimed at generating authentic feelings of well-being.

In the morning one could for example start an intense and energetic activity. It is in fact the ideal time of day to perform the positions of the sun salutation, of the exercises able to give flexibility and vigor to the body such as back, split and balanced poses. These movements aim to activate and strengthen the body, inviting it to dynamism and extroversion. In the evening, instead, it turns out to be the ideal moment to approach a more delicate yoga practice, characterized by relaxation and meditation and breathing exercises.

If you are looking for a place to practice yoga and meditation in the sea in total harmony, becoming in tune with body and mind, the Etruscan Coast is the environment that suits you and in particular the Orizzonte Village with its wide green spaces, a stone’s throw from the sea, will be the ideal setting for your yoga holiday. You will have the unique opportunity to experience moments of energy and at the same time of great peace immersed in the fascinating landscapes of Tuscany.

You can be an expert or a beginner, but you must in any case know that performing the exercises in such an evocative and uncontaminated environment as that of the Tuscan coast is the right choice to improve the quality of yoga practice. This is because the positions of yoga should be performed in places where it is easy to feel in harmony with the environment: the light sounds, the perfumes and the light breeze from Tuscany can make the difference, accompanying each other splendidly to the precious benefits conferred by the practice of this eastern discipline.

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