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Running holiday in Tuscany

Tuscany is undoubtedly a unique territory, able to seduce and conquer tourists thanks to the beauty of its landscapes and its numerous artistic and historical testimonies. However, the region is able to offer much more than its great cultural heritage, even presenting exciting opportunities to experience rejuvenating days of outdoor physical activity.

In this regard, the fascinating naturalistic environments of the upper Maremma lend themselves not only to being admired on two wheels, but also in the simplest and most natural way of searching, which is carried out on foot. In fact, running and walking in the Tuscan nature means crossing landscapes in continuous mutation contemplating breathtaking views, certainly destined to remain etched in the minds of those who visit this land. In its varied hilly, mountainous and wooded landscapes it is possible to find an environment full of paths to live in total freedom during a running Tuscany holiday.

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Many runners choose to organize a running holiday in Tuscany to take advantage of the strengths of this land: the suggestive and uncontaminated landscapes of the Mediterranean scrub, the great peace that dominates certain places and a mild and comfortable climate. All this makes Tuscany a decidedly suitable territory to better enjoy the practice of running at any time of the year.
In the area of the Etruscan Coast, among the medieval villages, it is possible to find numerous runners daily in their training; even many top athletes attend this area for several weeks during the culminating stages of their athletic training.

The area of Tuscany is definitely suitable not only for professional runners, but also for all those who simply want to take care of their bodies. The Tuscan landscapes, between beaches, woods, countryside, olive groves and chestnut groves, will be the perfect backdrop for those who want to practice running for the first time, but also for those who want to find important stimuli and start a physical activity aimed at weight loss.

Runners will be able to try different routes through the hills, for example in the area of San Carlo (part of San Vincenzo) or on the climb to Campiglia Marittima from Venturina Terme. From Suvereto it is instead possible to undertake a hilly path among the oaks, towards Sassetta and Castagneto Carducci. The provincial road of the princess, which joins San Vincenzo to Piombino, is flat and straight and, outside the roadway, offers runners the chance to run in a lane about 8 km long.

Runners from the soul trail will be able to experience adventurous routes, immersing themselves in marvelous panoramas among a vast series of marked itineraries that include steep slopes and irregular tracks, also used for trekking.

Usually favorable weather conditions allow tourists interested in running to carry out their workouts comfortably during spring and autumn. Even winter is ideal, given the moderate temperatures, while in summer you will simply have to avoid the hottest times of the day. It is advisable to wear thin running socks and a pair of airy and adequately cushioned running shoes for running on asphalt or dirt tracks.

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