vacanza windsurf toscana

Vacanza Windsurf Toscana

The Etruscan Coast is an extensive stretch of the Tuscan coast located between Livorno and Piombino. This rich territory not only presents important historical and cultural attractions, but is also able to offer its tourists regenerating opportunities to practice different types of sports like windsurf or kitesurf.

In this regard, Tuscany presents multiple sites with different peculiarities, which allow them to practice the discipline in very stimulating conditions. The territory of the Etruscan Coast, not surprisingly, is among the most renowned and appreciated by lovers of this sport. It is not difficult to understand the reasons: a unique environment and an abundance of winds in favor, combined with a large number of services available to all sportsmen, allow the practice of windsurfing at every level of difficulty.

The exciting sceneries that Tuscany is able to offer will give all windsurfers the chance to experience breathtaking hours in its waters, in harmony with the marine environment of the region. After the storms, the strength of the waters subsides and the waves start to get longer. In this way, conditions particularly suitable for the practice of sport on the Etruscan Coast are outlined, which tourists can take advantage of by making an unforgettable windsurfing holiday between the clear beaches and the fascinating blue shades of the waters.

Windsurf Costa degli Etruschi
Although it is possible to practice windsurfing regardless of wind and pressure, the afternoon hours are the best for enjoying optimal conditions, presenting calm waters and moderate winds. The most intense winds allow athletes to adopt the preferred wave measure, gradually moving towards the open sea.

The Gulf of Baratti, not far from Piombino, turns out to be a really suitable place for windsurfing with its shallow waters. During the hot season, thermal winds are blown over the gulf, generated almost every day due to the difference in day and night temperatures. The gulf lends itself well to the practice of windsurfing even during the winter days when the “tramontana” (cold north-wind) is intense and the sea is calm.

The beaches of Perelli and Carbonifera on the East Coast, not far from Villaggio Orizzonte, offer tourists the opportunity to practice windsurfing in all serenity. The summer winds offer particularly suggestive days to experience this sport: waves up to two meters high await the windsurfer to carry out exciting maneuvers on the water during a windsurfing holiday.

Continuing further north you can find Marina di Castagneto Carducci, a truly ideal location for windsurfing. It is a coastal stretch that has a sandy bottom and a climate conditioned by the southern winds that, despite their strength, move only slightly the waters of the sea. These conditions make Marina di Castagneto Carducci the ideal setting to practice spectacular freestyl windsurfing maneuvers.

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