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Trekking holiday in Tuscany

Those who love trekking and want to feel in complete harmony surrounded by an unchanged environment of land and sea, will undoubtedly find in Tuscany a region capable of fully satisfying their needs. Trekking paths can be experienced independently of the preparation of those who visit this unique land, from families with children to experienced sportsmen who are not afraid of the most demanding routes. Regenerating excursions await visitors on a trekking holiday in Tuscany, a true microcosm composed of woods, holm oaks, forests, oaks and chestnut trees.

There are several places that are an easy starting point for visiting the parks of the upper Maremma, discovering the main Tuscan reserves alone or with a guide. The routes will take tourists on a journey through unspoiled nature, typical animals and even historical evidence of the Etruscan Coast, retracing the paths that for hundreds of years have marked the lives of woodsmen, millers, charcoal burners and shepherds.

trekking toscana
Inside the Sterpaia Coastal Park there is a poetic and artistic itinerary that creates a truly stimulating journey, where you will find yourself immersed among plants, trees and flowers typical of the Mediterranean scrub. The itinerary presents a series of artistic installations that invite reflection, made through bronze castings by the sculptor Marcello Guasti. Each of them is characterized by an important quote in verse.

The trails along the Etruscan Coast will offer trekking enthusiasts the opportunity to admire the many testimonies of the ancient Etruscan civilization: for tourists who love archeology, we suggest to follow the itineraries of the San Silvestro Archaeological Park. Located within the Val di Cornia district, it is a destination suitable for all types of hikers, with routes of varying difficulty, with a duration of 60-75 minutes. In this place, tourists will even have the opportunity to experience guided tours inside the mines, discovering the mineral processing activities and some ancient archaeological finds.

The naturalistic areas of Val di Cornia also include the Poggio Neri Forest Park, where it is possible to try two itineraries: the Wood Museum and La via del Carbone. The paths are able to offer hikers a fascinating journey through the life of the charcoal burners.

The Forest Park of Poggio Neri presents an environment dominated by an almost unaltered Mediterranean scrub, characterized by the presence of chestnut and oak trees. The environmental itinerary occupies the territory of Sassetta, having a path for the most part on a dirt road.

If you want to come in close contact with charming and enchanting places, the Village on the Etruscan Coast is without doubt the ideal starting point for your Tuscan trekking holiday. A pair of hiking boots and a map of the place will undoubtedly prove useful, but you will need a really important ingredient to tackle the itineraries of the upper Maremma: the desire to discover. Going through the Maremma landscapes with a receptive mind that is free from the thoughts of everyday life, will allow you to enjoy in the best way all the beauty that the environment can offer in every season.

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