Diving in Toscana

Diving in Tuscany

When one thinks of the Etruscan Coast, images of its marvelous beaches, fresh pine forests and characteristic villages flow through the mind, environments in which it is possible to spend a holiday full of beauty and tranquility.

These Tuscan landscapes lend themselves splendidly to being experienced by taking stimulating walks or two-wheeled excursions. However, there is also an additional and exciting way to enjoy your holidays in the region, which is realized by coming into direct contact with its marine habitat full of life. Diving in the clear Tuscan waters means discovering the hidden nature of the Maremma, composed of colorful and lively underwater environments, rich in fauna and flora, which each year invite an increasing number of tourists to explore its coasts.

Diving is a widely practiced activity between the Italian coasts and particularly loved by sportsmen who visit Tuscany, who can find extraordinary environments in Baratti, Piombino and San Vincenzo for diving. The Etruscan Coast is in fact able to offer wonderful backdrops, able to stand out for their conformation, as well as for the types of fish and aquatic vegetation present.

Diving Costa degli Etruschi
The coast of Baratti offers truly enchanting diving spots of unmatched beauty. Experiencing diving in Tuscany means getting excited at the sight of so many fish, every kind of seabed and some wrecks deriving from the ancient Etruscan presence. Under water, Baratti presents natural treasures to be discovered: it will be possible to admire morays, octopus, crustaceans and sponges, as well as many other varieties of marine animals.

While diving along the Etruscan Coast, you can also spot a large number of gorgon stars; going up towards the surface it will not be difficult to see large groups of fish.

The landscapes that can be contemplated underwater are not only suitable for those approaching this practice for the first time, but also for photography enthusiasts, who will have the opportunity to capture an amazing and fascinating marine landscape in the azure waters of Tuscany.

At the disposal of tourists who wish to try their hand at this sport there is also the possibility of taking advantage of the precious indications of professional instructors, without a doubt able to indicate points along the coast that only experts in this environment can know in depth.

For these reasons, the Etruscan Coast is the ideal environment for diving in Tuscany. With the multiple routes available to experienced divers and beginners, it will not be difficult to venture into both creative and technical diving itineraries. In this way you will have the opportunity to enrich your holidays in the Tuscany region, experimenting with diving excursions in the living depths of the Etruscan Coast through an unforgettable show all to be experienced in first person.
The Villaggio Orizzonte, not far from the most important Diving centers of the Etruscan Coast, is the right destination for those who want to live this experience during their holidays.

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