Spiaggia di Baratti

A beach rich in history

Positioned in the frame of the Gulf

Among the many beaches that can be visited and lived during a holiday in Tuscany on the Etruscan Coast, the splendid Gulf of Baratti certainly deserves a stop.
With its characteristic horseshoe shape and dark and brilliant sand, the Gulf of Baratti is a popular destination for many tourists every year and a favorite destination for locals who frequent the pine forest from the first long and warm spring days. .
The peculiarity of Baratti lies precisely in the splendid and characteristic nature in which it is immersed: the large lawn, called by locals “the pratone” relives every year in the spring between the voices and laughter of young people who organize picnics and walks here open air and reaches the highlight in summer where you can enjoy, as well as a crystal clear blue sea, also the natural shadow of its beautiful and famous maritime pines that arrive almost on the beach.
Mare a Baratti
Golfo di Baratti
Prato e pineta di Baratti
The history of Baratti has ancient roots, it was the ancient Etruscans who first settled in this area where they practiced metal working. In fact, it is still possible to visit the ancient industrial area, as well as the Etruscan necropolis. Baratti, together with nearby Populonia, constitute the Archaeological Natural Park, one of the Parks of the Val di Cornia.
If you love water sports in Baratti you will also find a specialized Diving Center, suitable for both technicians and those approaching this sport for the first time.
You will have the opportunity to dive in a spectacular place both above and below the water, a place where marine flora and fauna are unique and special.
In addition to the free beach, with a section reserved for dog beach, along the Gulf you will find two bathing establishments and a bar open from breakfast to an aperitif to enjoy a drink by the sea at all hours of the day … and at night!
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