Triathlon in Toscana

Triathlon in Tuscany

Thanks to the many natural attractions, Tuscany can be transformed into an open-air gym, undoubtedly constituting the ideal region for triathlon camps, for training in the three disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. No matter which of the three sporting activities you wish to enhance: in Tuscany you will find at any time of the year everything you need to organize a triathlon training camp.

The triathlon in Tuscany made its debut in Italy in 1986, on the coast of Marina di Grosseto, with a race characterized by 1.5 km of swimming, 60 km by bicycle and 16 km of running. Since that day the demand for suitable facilities for the organization of the Triathlon Camp has gradually grown to such an extent that several villages and tourist facilities in Tuscany have done their utmost to accommodate the triathletes and to offer them the services necessary for training, providing between the many things to the construction of equipped gyms, to the heating of the swimming pools to favor training even in winter and to guarantee healthy menus for a diet suitable for sportsmen.

Nuoto Triathlon
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Since the triathlon competitions start with the swimming phase, it is necessary to carry out an intense and effective training in water. The enchanting Tuscan environment, characterized by crystal clear waters and golden sands, will give the triathletes the right stimuli for effective training. The exercise in the Tuscan sea makes the practice of swimming really pleasant, preparing the athlete for his triathlon races.


In addition to the sea, those looking for the right place for a triathlon training camp must make sure that there are quality roads and routes designed especially for those who must train in cycling. In this regard, Tuscany has fresh pine forests and varied paths where to practice this sport, an intermediate component of triathlon. The temperate climate in every season and the roads that join the plains and hills make the Etruscan Coast an environment definitely suitable for two-wheel training. The experience can be further enhanced by addressing local companies that offer support to the sportsman and his bicycle, through services such as storage and roadside assistance.


After taking care of the practice of swimming and cycling, it is essential to focus on the last piece of preparation for a triathlete: running. Tuscany offers miles of enchanting itineraries in its unchanged nature; on the Etruscan Coast a myriad of paths await you, among the alleys of medieval villages, beaches and sloping roads. It is no coincidence that Tuscany is one of the favorite sporting destinations for professional running athletes worldwide.

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