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The Costa Est beaches

Among pine forests, services and crystal clear sea

The beaches in the Etruscan Coast extending from Piombino to Follonica are known as the beaches of the East Coast. They are all similar in features, with light sand, low seabed and crystal clear water, which is why families love it, which can leave run and have fun on the long beach for children. Behind the beach a splendid pine forest offers shelter to tourists during the hottest hours, with wooden tables and benches for picnics and afternoon rests. If you love the shade of the pine forest and the sound of cicadas, if you are looking for the right mix of nature and comfort you are in the right place!

Along the coast in the various beaches there are some bathhouses, which offer services and comfort to tourists but which have in no way affected the natural spectacle that the park gives us.

The reference point of the east coast is just the Sterpaia Park and coming from Piombino we meet in this order the following beaches: Perelli, Carlappiano, Mortelliccio, Carbonifera and Torre Mozza.

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From Perelli to Mortelliccio

On Perelli Beach, there are several bathing establishments, including that of the Villaggio Orizzonte and the Pascià Glam Beach, ideal for those looking for an equipped Dog Beach on the East Coast.
Walking from Perelli along the beach towards Follonica you reach Carlappiano, with characteristics very similar to the previous one, with ample parking behind it and the thick pine forest even closer to the beach.

We continue the walk and reach Mortelliccio where there is another Dog Beach this time but not equipped, a simple free beach where dogs can run freely without a leash and muzzle (except in the cases provided for by law). In addition to the dog beach in Mortelliccio we find a rest area for campers and cars.

Carbonifera and Torre Mozza

The Carbonifera beach, like the previous ones, of fine sand and clear water, is partly equipped and partly free and particularly loved by families thanks to the presence of inflatable games that are set up a short distance from the shore: an extra attraction for adults and children who choose the beaches of the East Coast.
Finally we have the splendid beach of Torre Mozza, characterized precisely by the presence of an ancient coastal fortification and which today accomodate a tourist facility. Another peculiarity of this stretch of coast are the rocks that lie about ten meters from the shore and which are said to be the remains of an ancient Roman road. Without a doubt, thanks to these rocks, a real natural swimming pool is created that makes bathing on this stretch of coast even more beautiful and safe.

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