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One of the most loved and visited places in the Val di Cornia, by locals and tourists, is undoubtedly the Gulf of Baratti. Just on the beach of the gulf so comfortable and suggestive, could not therefore miss a dog beach, for all those who wish to spend a day at the beach with their animals without thoughts. The dog beach of Baratti is a stretch of free beach, bordered on one side by the archaeological excavations of San Cerbone and on the other by the building near the pine forest better known by the locals “Il Casone”.
Spiagge per animali in Toscana
Spiaggia per cani in Toscana
Dog beach Toscana
If you are on holiday in Tuscany with your dog, the Etruscan Coast offers you different possibilities.
Starting from the East Coast, in addition to the stretch of free beach in the Mortelliccio area, where dogs can move freely without a leash and without a muzzle, you can find a bathhouse equipped for your petfriends, the Pascia Glam Beach, on Perelli beach.
The bathing establishment immersed in the splendid Parco della Sterpaia, not only houses the dogs, which in this stretch of coast can bathe with their owners, but puts at their disposal an entire area with water, bowls and showers reserved for your 4-legs friends.
Continuing north towards San Vincenzo, we find the Dog Beach, a beach that is completely organized and structured for beach holidays with your dog. The Dog Beach is suitable both for those who want to enjoy the free beach and for those who prefer to take advantage of the comfort of the beach. In addition to the many services that you can easily find in other establishments, at the Dog Beach of San Vincenzo you will find a veterinarian on the beach once a week, water and showers for dogs, dog sitter service (by reservation), mobility path inside a shaded park, a shop of accessories for dogs and in July and August dog training courses.
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