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Tuscany is an absolutely indicated region for experiencing two-wheeled mountain bike and bicycle itineraries.
The territory turns out to be a treasure trove of natural landscapes, combining a multitude of truly suggestive and passable scenarios for every person, no matter what their level of experience is. The lush hilly and wooded landscapes will be the backdrop to exciting itineraries in the lively vegetation of Tuscany, offering different levels of difficulty, between simple and other paths characterized by more demanding and advanced sections.

Mountain bike holidays in Tuscany offer a wide range of opportunities for cyclists looking for adventures in the open, offering heterogeneous and pleasant routes, characterized by winding paths and a series of climbs and descents. The wide spaces present rich panoramas, leading to natural attractions that are always pleasant and surprising. During the journeys let yourself be amazed by the light sounds of the forest and by the scents of the Mediterranean scrub and enter in harmony with the surrounding environment.

mountain bike toscana vacanza
The paths, among fascinating beaches, lush natural landscapes and the alleys of medieval villages, make the Etruscan Coast the ideal destination for a unique experience for all mountain bike enthusiasts, who will be able to visit the most characteristic corners of this rich land.

Among the itineraries and routes it will be possible to visit the Tuscan villages such as Suvereto, Sassetta and Piombino, enjoying breathtaking panoramic points. In the landscapes of hills and mountains it will be wonderful to ride in the shade of pine forests, beech and chestnut woods.

A simple itinerary for everyone is made from Venturina Terme (a hamlet of Campiglia Marittima) to Cafaggio. Alternatively, you can go from the center of Venturina Terme towards Sassetta, proceeding downhill and continuing towards Castagneto Carducci.

An asphalt and earth route is more challenging to achieve during your Tuscan mountain bike holidays could start from the center of Donoratico. From the village, you can proceed towards Castagneto Carducci, Sassetta and Campiglia Marittima. The Livorno-Porcari route is also suitable for those with a good experience: it starts from the port area of Livorno, continuing to Pisa and descending towards Lucca and Porcari.

The more daring will have the opportunity to experience strong emotions by taking advantage of the dynamic paths in woods and forests, really suitable for practicing cross country, freeride and downhill. Especially for the more demanding routes, it is advisable to have a considerable degree of training and a good propensity to ride.

The itineraries of Tuscany are an irresistible attraction for all MTB enthusiasts. The MTB trails are one of the most exciting ways to get in touch directly with the unspoiled nature of the upper Maremma, spending carefree hours in the open air and discovering every corner of this fascinating area.

So a mountain bike or a bicycle is enough to experience unforgettable days on the Etruscan Coast, plunging into its varied and unspoiled landscapes: a perfect setting to realize great mountain bike holidays in Tuscany.

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